Chad McDonald – Even Athletes Struggle with Ups and Downs

It’s the time of the year that some of the most change occurs

Hey followers, this month I will be talking about another Nature’s Sunshine Product (NSP) that while I don’t see as a necessity, is a great product for any athlete to have in their possession.

It is now September, and this is the time of the year that some of the most change occurs! Back to school, back to sport, new friends, new year, and maybe a new team. St. John’s Wort is another amazing NSP product that an athlete needs to explore. This product is in my ‘Above and Beyond’ section of NSP; however, if you are an athlete that struggles with ups and downs during season, or the occasional stress, St. John’s Wort may be an option for you!

Athletes are just like every person…

Athletes are just like every person in that they struggle with emotion from time to time. Athlete’s need to accept that they are NOT super human and that it is OK to struggle. To stay at peak performance, an athlete cannot let this struggle consume them! Whether a struggle comes from inconsistency in performance, school, family, injury, or loss, St John’s Wort helps to keep spirits up during the down times.

Personally, I have used St. John’s Wort during recovery for an injury I sustained. Any athlete that has experienced a life-changing injury knows that some of the darkest times occur when they’re hurt and unable to play/train for their sport. Sometimes they have to compensation via a personal injury lawyer Glendale, but it can be hard. They may not want to risk alienation from the profession and – while not impossible – it can be hard to prove another’s negligence in the world of sport. This all adds a lot of stress to the situation and often, athletes fall into a depression during recovery for an injury and this in turn affects their return to play. When I experienced my injury, I would make sure that I included one St. John’s Wort (Time Released) into my daily routine to help boost my mood and spirits during the tough times. I went from sad and frustrated to motivated and driven to come back stronger than ever!

While this supplement may not be the highest on my list, I truly feel that it has a place in every athlete’s daily routine when dealing with struggle and feeling their mood slip. The key to St. John’s Wort is timing and when to start taking it. All athletes should strive to learn their body and if they start to feel their mood slipping from anything (yes, including that boyfriend or girlfriend you may have) please do not hesitate to get this supplement in you.

When navigating the Nature’s Sunshine website, you will find that when searching for St. John’s Wort, three options will come up. I personally recommend the Time Released form of St. John’s as I feel it is the better bang for your buck and will help ALL DAY! Taking 1-2 pills either in the morning or at night during time of struggle will help significantly improve your mood. While I do not hope to see any athlete struggle, it’s inevitable that it will happen. When it does, do me a favor and get yourself a bottle of St. John’s Wort (Time Released) and witness firsthand how it can do wonders!

And now for another monthly reminder!

And now for another monthly reminder! I am sure that you have noticed the two dollar amounts that St. John’s Wort (Time Released) costs: Retail and Member pricing. Remember that if you purchase $40 (Member cost) or more worth of product from Nature’s Sunshine, you will automatically be eligible to sign up for a free one-year membership! Membership to Nature’s Sunshine comes with 33% off Retail cost, as well as rebates of up to 20% on your own purchases!

I HIGHLY recommend becoming an NSP member as their products are the best of the best and are 100% safe. If you are an athlete and looking for nutritional help, please contact Chad at to discuss your needs!

Product Category Cost** Frequency
St. John’s Wort Concentrate Time Released Above and Beyond** Retail: $33.40
Member: $22.25
1-2 pills per day or as needed based on mood (morning or night)

*Any product considered “Necessity” is one that Chad feels every athlete needs to include in their daily routine.

**Any product considered ‘Above and Beyond’ is one Chad feels an athlete should add in their routine if they are looking to take their health/lifestyle to the next level.

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