Success at Nature’s Sunshine: Tips from Some of Canada’s Top Distributors

all hands inNature’s Sunshine is growing in Canada and one of the reasons is their amazing distributors. In a monthly newsletter, NSP Canada highlights one of their distributors. As part of the highlight they offer keys to their success. Here are some of the things we can all learn from them:

Lisa Lancaster: Share your personal success stories and plant seeds of opportunity. “I am a very busy person with community sports and my construction company as a painter, which finds me in constant contact with new people. I find this is a great opportunity to talk to others about their health concerns and offer them life-changing health solutions with NSP.”


Jean Dansereau: “I establish the basic fundamentals to health with all my clients. No matter what the issue is I always make sure that stress, sleep and fatigue are part of the solution to making them feel better.”


 Judith Cobb: “Stay current on information, continue to learn. You can never know too much!”


Valérie Bélanger:  “I needed support in order to help me take care of my young child, so I used social networks in order to find it. On these networks there are a lot of mothers who are looking for solutions. I advise them and I invite them to book a phone consultation with me so we can discuss these things further. I frequently use a personalized URL with my member ID number. I also have a professional Facebook page and a blog where I discuss NSP products. These tools have helped me a great deal in building up my credibility.”


Bahar Mahmoudi: NSP delivers a quality program like IN.FORM that helps me to make a tremendous difference for my participants. When I explain the history of the company and the global reach that NSP has, my clients know they are in good hands.


Josée Landry: First, firmly believe that everyone can achieve good health. Second, be passionate about helping people transform their lives to better health and increased wealth. Third, apply your own beliefs to your own life.


Ramila Padiachy DNM®, R.Ac: “Passion for what one does is the most important ingredient for success, everything else follows automatically.”


Gene Orr: “I try to never miss an opportunity to promote my business, whether it is sharing what I know, sharing my own health experiences or sharing new products.”


Guylaine Simard: “I’m always looking for opportunities to grow the business. I have a booth at all sorts of events and it always brings new customers and associates. The IN.FORM program has been a big plus for me and my business. It’s allowed me a method of following up with people and staying connected with them. When they find better health it gets them hooked and they keep coming back. I also find it helpful to be present on social media.


Kathy Deane: Last year, Kathy turned 65 years young (in her own words) and was about to make a life-changing decision towards retirement. Here’s her story of what actually happened: “I ended up on the NSP I.Inspire Cruise and met so many wonderful people who filled me with their ‘Success Stories.’ One of those stories was about getting out and ‘meeting the people’ and approaching the NSP Business from a different aspect, cutting back on clinic time and getting out to have FUN. It all sounded good to me. And I could ‘Transform the Health of Nations’ not one-by-one but by many. So, my husband Gunnar, me and some colleagues spent the past year doing a lot of trade shows, in-home health presentations, consulting via telephone, internet and Skype.”


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