The Dangers of Toxic Home Cleaning Products

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Without knowing much about their ingredients, Americans put a great amount of trust in their store-bought cleaning products. Most don’t realize that their cleaning products may be doing more harm than help. Many of these solutions use chemicals that come with health risks we all want to avoid. Sometimes simply using the products the way labels instruct can put not only you but everyone interacting with the cleaned space at risk.

As Americans spend the majority of their time indoors, whether at home or at work, they are constantly bombarded with indoor air pollution. With poor ventilation and confined spaces, the fumes emitted by cleaning products are major contributors to the poor air quality inside, and unless you have made the decision to install a new air conditioning system within your space, from somewhere like, improving your air quality will be all but impossible. And the longer you continue using cleaning products that can affect your air, you won’t see it improve any time soon. Though some assume that those harmed by the harsh chemicals are affected only after ingesting them, they are wrong. Cleaning products are attacking our health every day as the body more readily absorbs these chemicals through the skin and respiratory tract. If you want to maintain the air quality of your home at a high standard, you’ll want to regularly conduct duct cleaning in the relevant spots around your house to ensure consistent airflow.

Another way in which the indoor air quality of the house could be compromised is through the dusty and clogged air filters of the air conditioning unit. Air filters of any HVAC appliance work to remove a wide variety of particles that may be present in our indoor air. It should also be noted that a well-functioning cooling system tends to regulate the relative humidity of the home. If the air conditioning unit stops working, the presence of mold, fungus, bacteria, and virus could potentially increase. Thus, in the time where you feel that your AC might need a tune-up, you could contact experts such as WireNut Home Services (if you are interested, you could visit website here) and other similar HVAC service providers for a solution to the problem.

With this in mind, if you work in an industry where encountering indoor air pollution is a serious risk to your health, you might want to suggest that your employer invests in an air curtain. In case you were not aware, an air curtain is a fan-powered device that creates an invisible air barrier over a doorway to efficiently separate two different environments, without limiting access for people or vehicles. You can learn more about air curtains by checking out this useful guide from R. Williamson & Associates on

Furthermore, air curtains can be used to keep industrial and commercial settings clean, and free from pests and insects, dust, airborne pollutants, and odours. When installed correctly, an air curtain can also stop draughts, keeping cool and clean air inside a building at all times. Air curtains are well suited to businesses that rely on heavy footfall such as grocery stores and restaurants, and they can also be installed in hospitals and laboratories where maintaining sanitary conditions is fundamental.

One final area in which air curtains can prove to be advantageous is within a warehouse setting. Warehouse doors are particularly large and therefore a significant amount of temperature-controlled air can be lost when doors are opened. Over time this can seriously reduce productivity. Similarly, in distribution centers and loading docks, it is not always possible to continuously open and close doors. Consequently, air curtains allow doors to remain open at all times without having an impact on temperature or sanitation.

So, aside from air curtains, what else can you do? Think twice about the cleaning products you use to maintain a healthy home and work environment. Consider using alternative products and avoid the typical shelf products that have been found as a health threat. More natural cleaning solutions are always a better choice when it comes to any type of cleaning such as laundry, air freshening, dishwashing and surface cleaning.

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