The New Stick Pack Machine

Nature’s Sunshine Products recently acquired a stick pack machine to allow the manufacture of all of our stick pack products in-house. Stick Packs are single-use powder drinks packaged in a convenient plastic “stick” that can be torn across the top and poured into water for easy mixing. Nature’s Sunshine uses stick packs in its Solstic® line of products and in the drink mix portion of CleanStart®.

Previously, stick pack packaging was outsourced. Purchasing the stick pack machine allows Nature’s Sunshine better control over the quality of the product and a shorter lead time. Within the next six months, NSP will also install a machine that will count and package all of the stick packs into cartons, further improving packaging quality and turn-around time.

Try NSP’s stick pack products, including the Solstic line: Cardio, Energy, Immune, Revive and Twenty-Four. And our stick packs as a part of CleanStart Wild Berry and CleanStart Apple-Cinnamon.

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