Too Much Mint in Your Garden? Eleven Ways to Use Mint



Mint, in all of its varieties, is one of the easiest herbs to grow. In fact, people often put them in containers so that they don’t take over the garden. Once you’ve grown the mint, what do you do with it? Here are some suggestions:

Add it to a drink: Lemonade, tea, or whichever drink you choose. Add it directly to the drink or in an ice cube.
Fresh Breath: This one is easy. All you have to do is pick a leaf from your garden, wash it, place it in your mouth, and chew.
Add to Veggies: You can add them to fresh vegetables or bake the mint with vegetables. Squashes, tomatoes, peppers, and onions are especially good with mint.
Salad: There are many ways you can create a salad with mint. One of the easiest is mint cucumber salad. It includes mint, cucumber, red onions, and seasoning. You can find a recipe here.
Pesto: Mint pesto is great with lamb.
Kabob: No matter the meat, add mint leaves to your kabob for a delicious and unique flavor.
Tea: Dry your leaves to use when it’s too cold for the mint to grow or use them fresh from the garden.
Jelly: Like pesto, this is a favorite with lamb. Add jalapeno for some extra kick.
Mint Vinegar: It’s also decorative if you use the right bottle. It’s also something that you don’t have to eat right away.

Mint tastes great but there are a few other uses for this herb.

Foot Bath: There are so many options. With lime or without? Add salts or don’t add them. If you have more mint than you can ever use, this is a great option. It’s something that you can give away as a gift.
Air Freshener: You can add it to any room in the house, your vehicle, or anywhere else that needs an improved.

If you have favorite recipes or other uses for mint, we hope you’ll share them!

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