Hey Veteran Network Marketers… Time for a Jumpstart!

veteran network marketers

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Has your network-marketing business hit a plateau?

Are you one of the many veteran network marketers who are failing to convert leads into customers and spending way too little time working on your business?

Or perhaps you’re suffering from too much success too fast and the side effects of burnout.

Whatever the brick walls before you, the first step in hurdling them is to evaluate your business and determine what’s holding you back.

As you know, network marketing is fundamentally a people business. So get back to the basics and remind yourself that you are not just selling a product. You’re providing a solution for other people to meet their financial goals.

Surround yourself with people who see as you see and feel as you feel, and you’ll be back on track before you know it. Remember, “Nothing comes from nothing,” to quote Shakespeare’s “King Lear.”

Nourish Your Support Team

People need people… even veteran network marketers.

veteran network marketers

Everyone needs a foundation of support from family, friends and business associates.

Are the people dearest to you propelling you forward or holding you back? Do you have an up-line mentor that knows you well and can help you overcome your hurdles? If you don’t have a look at some online companies that offer support. Together provides mentoring software that helps you create your business goals and helps you to reach them.

If your support group isn’t there for you, take some time to rebuild and refresh it.

Set Your Goals

It’s easy to get distracted doing “things” that you think are essential to keep your business opportunities moving forward. But are you taking steps that are congruent with your goals or acting like a ship without a rudder?

To be most productive, remember the “good-better-best” rule and focus your time on the best opportunities and tasks.
After reviewing your goals, make a list of your constraints. See your obstacles as opportunities.

In their awesome book, “A Beautiful Constraint: How to Find Solutions to Constraint-Driven Problems,” authors Adam Morgan and Mark Barden talk about framing your conversations with “I can if” rather than “I can’t because.” To keep your conversations focused on movement toward possible solutions, try identifying how a solution “could be possible, if” rather than “wouldn’t be possible, because.”

Feed Your Mind

veteran network marketers

According to the late writer Gore Vidal, “the unfed mind devours itself.”

Growth is not just about business, it’s about you. Feeding your mind daily will give you a deeper well to draw from when you thirst for strength and influence. It will help you visualize success. You’ll “see it” in your mind before you experience it.

Someone once compared network marketing to throwing mud on a wall and seeing what sticks. But mudslinging is a dirty job. Rather than seeing yourself throwing mud or spinning plates, think about your business and career in this respect: “The more shoulders you can climb on the higher you can reach.”

That wisdom comes from Richard Newton and his book, “The Little Book of Thinking Big: Aim Higher and Go Further than You Ever Thought Possible.”

Newton is right, you know. And isn’t that what your network marketing business is all about, helping people reach higher?

One parting thought: Veteran network marketers must work hard and stick with it. As Oracle Team USA Captain Jimmy Spithill said, “Rarely have I seen a situation where doing less than the other guy is a good strategy.”

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