Weight Management Lifestyle Tips

No weight management program is complete without some lifestyle changes. The types of food you eat, the amount of food you eat, and the amount of exercise you get all contribute to reaching your weight-management goals.

Food Choices

• Choose lean meats. Remove the skin from chicken. Cook using cooking spray, broth or wine rather than oil or butter. • Steam vegetables. Avoid topping them with butter or cheese.

• Choose whole grains rather than foods made with refined white flour.

• Try to eat at least one vegetarian meal per week.

• Don’t completely deprive yourself of your favorite foods, but eat your less healthy favorites only occasionally and in smaller portions.

• Increase your water intake. When you feel a craving to snack, drink a glass of water instead.

• Try fruit for dessert.

Portion Control

• After finishing a meal, if you are tempted to eat seconds, leave the table and go on a walk or choose another diverting activity.

• If you still want more, choose a second helping of vegetables.

• Don’t eat in front of the TV. Research shows that people eat more when they eat while watching television.

• Keep a food journal. It will make you aware of how much and how often you eat.

• When eating out, ask for a box at the beginning of a meal and put half of your meal in the box for tomorrow’s lunch.

• Fill half of your plate with vegetables, divide the other half evenly between whole grains and protein.


• If you can’t find the time or stamina, break up your workout. Three 10-minute periods of exercise give the same benefits as one 30-minute workout.

• Work more activity into your life. Take the stairs. Park farther from the store. Buy a pedometer, and don’t stop being active until you have reached 10,000 steps each day.

• When you can’t find the motivation to work out, focus on how you will feel after exercising.

• Remember that exercise has many benefits beyond weight loss.


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