What Does Water Do After You Drink It?

We’re all told that water is the best thing we can drink – and it definitely is. But what does water do that’s so valuable? Why do we need our eight glasses a day? Water Being PouredWell, the truth is that water goes to work after we drink it, keeping our bodies in the best possible shape and helping us establish great, lasting health.

With that in mind, let’s look at what water’s benefits are and why you should be drinking more of it.

We’re Mostly Water

Our bodies are comprised of about 80% water – which means that drinking enough water is important. After drinking water, it goes to our brain, muscle mass, and blood cells. Without water, our brain, muscle and blood cells wouldn’t have the resources they need to replenish dead cells and strengthen existing ones.

Gets Rid of Fatigue

Did you know that a simple drop in the percentage of water in your body could be more responsible for your 2pm drowsiness than anything else? It’s true. Losing just that much water stresses your body. Adding water will relieve that stress and significantly boost your energy levels.

Gets to Work

Water helps carry nutrients from certain areas of your body to another, while also getting rid of waste. Water essentially forms the “highway” in your body that helps all organ systems accomplish their purpose.

Weight Loss

If you’re having a difficult time getting rid of that last twenty pounds or so, make sure that you’re hydrated. Without proper hydration, it’s really hard to lose the weight.

Relieve Joint Pain

Proper hydration also helps relieve joint pain by making the cartilage in your joints softer and more pliable. It may not seem like much, but it’s the truth. Water in your joints really does “grease things up” to help you eliminate joint pain and feel your absolute best. You could also think about looking at natural and alternative medicine to help with joint pain, herbal tablets/supplements have been said to be a big help, as well as CBD and marijuana. Those who do decide on this course may want to check out a medical marijuana card florida or one in the state that they live in, especially if it becomes a reoccurring treatment.

Water does a lot of things for our bodies once we drink it. It’s hands-down one of the most important substances in the world.

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