Check Out What the Right Chinese Herbs Can Do For You

Eastern-based health treatments are showing up more often in practical medicine as Western doctors begin to understand the incredible benefits from these ancient methods. Chinese-chinese-herbsbased procedures are now being used to treat pain and stress, and create balance in the body’s systems.

Techniques like acupuncture, massage, meditation, dietary therapies, herbs and Eastern exercises (like yoga and tai chi) are becoming more popular as patients turn to less invasive, more natural treatments. Hundreds of herbs used today have a history dating back at least 2,000 years and many people use herbs to supplement, and sometimes even replace, modern drug prescriptions.

Several products in the Nature’s Sunshine line use Chinese herbs to balance energy channels in the body to nourish adrenal glands, energize, maintain immunity and increase mental clarity and focus. The products were created using thousands of years
of research and results as people found these supplements increased their overall feeling of health.

For instance, Mineral-Chi Tonic contains herbal ingredients like lycii, eleuthero and astragalus root, and ginkgo to strengthen the glandular system and provide the body with a full range of naturally chelated trace minerals.

If you’re suffering from insomnia or agitation, Chinese Nervous Fatigue utilizes biota and jujuba seeds, schizandra fruit and ginseng to help relieve stress, promote healthy sleep, invigorate and support the circulatory system. By using this fire-enhancing formula, research has demonstrated the body can be nurtured while healing unbalanced systems.

KB-C Chinese is a unique formula. Also known as jian gu, it’s translation means “to strengthen the bones.” This powerful herb combination is designed to nutritionally support the kidneys and urinary system while providing healthy joint assistance. It’s main ingredient, eucommia bark, has been used to treat weakness for centuries and Chinese practitioners believe it nourishes ligaments and bones. Additionally, achyranthes is chinese herbsregularly used to comfort the body.

The harmonizing combination of Liver Balance Chinese includes several tried and true herbs like scute, bupleurum and atractylodes to calm a stressed-out nervous system. Known as the “cooling herb”, bupleurum is believed to increase the flow of chi (the body’s life force) to reduce stress-induced symptoms in the body and mind.

More than ever, American practitioners are recognizing not just popular western herbal remedies such as CBD in Canada, but also the value of these herbal combinations that have been used, monitored and researched for thousands of years by trained Chinese specialists. Patients using these treatments often report feeling healthier, having an increased sense of well-being and a higher level of energy. Maybe it’s time you gave Chinese herbs a try.

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