Exercise May Help Memory Region of Brain [infographic]

Exercise might be as crucial for your brain as diet is. In fact, studies show a lack of exercise doesn’t just affect the body. It also has significant affects on growing brain cells. One study showed that mice that ran 3 miles each night doubled their hippocampus size over time. The hippocampus is the memory region of the brain.

Online College Courses put together a nice graphic to show how exercise increases the performance of the brain, especially in youth. Some of the stats below include:

  • 40 minutes of daily exercise caused an average IQ increase of 3.8 points in elementary students.
  • The fittest students scored 30% higher on tests than average students (less-fit students scored 20% lower)
  • Those who regularly play sports show a 20% improvement in math, science, English and social studies
  • Fit 18-year-olds were more likely to go on to receive a higher education
  • Students who worked out before class improved test scores 17% on average
  • Employees who exercise regularly are 15% more efficient

How Working Out Can Make You Smarter Infographic

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