Why You Can Trust NSP’s Chinese Formulas For Potency, Purity and Safety



The popularity of Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCM) is on the rise. Globally, hundreds of millions of dollar are spent on TCM products each year. In the US, more than 1 million people annually use Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Nature’s Sunshine’s TCM products have a clear quality advantage over the competition. We spend millions of dollars each year on Quality Control testing, which involves 3 critical areas:

  1. True identification of raw materials so you can be assured the correct genus and species of plant is used.
  2. Distinguishing between the regions of origin of the plants so we can be confident that the optimum actives in the correct amounts are always present in each lot.
  3. 600 different tests and procedures for contamination, purity, potency and safety.

In truth, this could be a scary time to take herbal supplements from just any company. With tremendous growth in the industry, many companies with little experience are trying to produce herbal supplements without our same model of testing the products.

Anyone can encapsulate them and package them with professional-looking labels to make a “nice-looking” product. These companies aren’t required to be tested for purity, safety or potency.

We tested several other competitors’ TCM products in our quality labs. The results were surprising.

  • Three competitors’ products tested positive for aristolochic acids. The FDA has warned consumers against taking products that contain aristolochic acids, because they have been associated with permanent kidney damage as well as certain types of cancers.
  • One competitor’s product tested high for lead content.
  • One had microbial contamination.
  • We also tested five brands of cordyceps products alongside NSP Cordyceps. We found that NSP Cordyceps had the highest combination of cordycepic acid and adenosine per capsule.

While not every competitor had bad results, the evidence shows you probably want to think twice before choosing just any supplement.

Because we produce and test our own products, we don’t have to rely on third parties. Our strict and comprehensive testing for POTENCY, PURITY AND SAFETY allows you to be 100% confident that Nature’s Sunshine TCM formulas are the very best.

By Lynda Hammons, Vice President, Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs

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